WURFL Compatibility

WURFL is a trademark of Scientia Mobile Inc. and is used by permission.

DetectRight currently offers two levels of compatibility with WURFL:

DetectRight and the WURFL Vocab

The full list of WURFL vocabulary capabilities is here: WURFL Devices and WURFL Capabilities


DetectRight always adds value to its products, and we have extended the core WURFL schema with some useful fields:

    j2me_midp_version (numeric)
    ringtone_eaac (boolean)
    ringtone_eaacplus (boolean)
    ringtone_wma (boolean)
    html_wi_oma_xhtmlmp_1_1 (boolean)
    html_wi_oma_xhtmlmp_1_2 (boolean)
    html_web_5_0 (boolean)

Diagnostic and descriptor fields:

    device_type ("Device","Tablet","Bot","Mobile Bot","Desktop","Browser","Mobile Browser")
    devicedescriptor (descriptor of main detection device: for instance "Device:Nokia:3510i","Tablet:Samsung:GT-P1000")
    deviceid (32-char hash representing the devicedescriptor, identifies a device in DetectRight)
    device_dp_version (Developer Platform Version)
    device_dp (Name of Developer Platform, e.g. Series 60)
    altids (long list of alias IDs separated by commas)
    altdescriptors (long list of alias descriptors separated by commas)
    components (list of components detected in this detection)

Detection database option

This vocab option is charged as an "Extended" schema. See Pricing and Licensing information.

Using this option, your the HashMap or Array returned from a detection will contain data conforming to WURFL field names and value encodings. Scientia Mobile's API is not used during this process, and it is not necessary to have it installed.

This means that, for instance, to get access to screen width, you would look for "resolution_width".

Premium Patch Files

See Pricing, Licensing and options information.

If you're already running a licensed WURFL installation but would like to augment your data with thousands of new devices, new data fields, or even new device IDs to enable detection by things other than useragent, such as TAC or UAProfile URL, we can help with a patch file that will fit straight into your existing WURFL installation.

All WURFL-compatible products are licenced by Scientia Mobile Inc.

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