W3C Core Vocab Compatibility

This schema is charged as a "Basic" schema. See Pricing and Licensing information.

W3C Core Vocab is one of the database options for the DetectRight detection API, and is available on all platforms.

This simple schema is also the standard dataset for DDRs offering the W3C DDR Basic API.

Our roadmap includes offering a variety of cloud and web services offering this API, but we would always recommend standalone detection deployment for security, latency and reliability reasons.

Fields Covered

List taken from Device Description Repository Core Vocabulary*

    4.1 Vendor
    4.2 Model
    4.3 Version
    4.4 Display Width
    4.5 Display Height
    4.6 Display Color Depth
    4.7 Input Devices
    4.8 Markup Support
    4.9 Stylesheet Support
    4.10 Image Format Support
    4.11 Input Mode Support
    4.12 Cookie Support
    4.13 Script Support

* this standard is still in draft, with no indication of ever reaching final status.

Bonus fields

    deviceID = unique DetectRight identifier for detected device
    deviceDescriptor = DetectRight "descriptor" containing colon delimited representation of detected device: 
        e.g. Device:Nokia:3510i, Tablet:Samsung:GT-P1000
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