UAProfile Compatibility

OMA User Agent Profile ("UAProfile" for short) is a machine readable XML data file with a CC/PP .

DetectRight offers three levels of compatibility with UAProfile

DetectRight and the CCPP/UAProfile Vocab

The full vocab for UAProfile 2.0 is here: CCPP Vocab

CC/PP UAProfile extended vocab list:

DetectRight "DR" extended vocab list:


Our extension to UAProfile is actually another vocab: our own "DR" schema, which is a more regimented, wide-ranging and programmer-friendly version of UAProfile.

Both the UAProfile and DR vocabs are so large that it doesn't really make sense to use all of them for every detection: apart from the inevitable size of the resulting database, I can't think of any real-time detection workflow that would involve programatically checking over 600 fields.

This is why UAProfile and DR schemas (and all of the other vocabs too, including any you want to define) are part of our custom detection database licensing.

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