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PROBLEM: "Most Experts" state that there are under 8,000 phones that have ever been released. This is completely wrong. DetectRight knows that there are nearly 30,000!

Even keeping up with 8,000 devices would be a major manpower challenge for an organisation. Keeping up to date with 30,000? Does it make sense to "save money" by doing data collection yourself? Armies of paid people doing the "Google copy and paste shuffle" might not show up in the software budget, but it's a huge impact on the bottom line.

Also, even the copy and past shuffle demands expertise and knowledge. Yet the most qualified employees would be too expensive, busy or valuable to your company to use!

Device data detection and collection are not the core business of any other company, which means that resources will always be too constrained to solve the problem. And if the problem isn't properly solved, then you haven't solved the problem at all.

SOLUTION: DetectRight's bulk data services (licenced per server) or website services (licenced per user) make acquiring data quick and easy, and our plans compare very favourably with the cost of just one cut'n'paster.


Wasted customers

PROBLEM: You spend so much time and money trying to get customers to your website. QR Codes, advertising budgets, banner ads: but how many of those resources are wasted? For instance, if the most enthusiastic new customers with the newest devices go unrecognised.

It's time-consuming to audit a device detection solution, and requires an independent data source (usually an employee) to judge results by eye: which severely limits the quality of the auditing). The result is silent failures that really impact your bottom line.

SOLUTION: DetectRight is determined not to waste customers. It works on all the data it has to make sure that your visitor is appropriately served. Do you believe existing device detection solutions are 99% accurate? We proved otherwise.


Content suppression errors

PROBLEM: Even if a device is given the correct site, the device detection may contain only minimal information about the device: sometimes as much as 90% of the data might be from a different device entirely. It's a guess. And a guess which denies your visitors a chance to give you money is a very bad guess indeed.

SOLUTION: DetectRight has more devices, and more information about them. It's more intelligent how it handles real-time changes to a device, and it's simply smarter in creating profiles. It doesn't like saying no.


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