DetectRight Integration and OEM Services

DetectRight is the home of a great deal of technology and data over and above the core detection offering, including our revolutionary and lightweight Quantum Data Engine.

We can deploy whatever you need to make your product a success.

We have proven experience in deploying enterprise-quality device detection technology that's theoretically sound and intelligently engineered.

Our DetectRight core products have been written to be as compatible and updateable as possible, and we can deliver custom data files to augment technologies such as QoS software.

We are also developing our core DetectRight technology into an ultra-fast C++ deliverable compatible with x86 and ARM chipsets which will deliver the ability to embed our next generation Device Detection technology and data into many different scenarios, to make a device-aware world.

Some of our other ancillary technologies and skills include:

  • Software as a Service components delivering DetectRight services
  • Expertise in all aspects of Device Detection, including the infrastructure of other systems
  • Advanced APIs covering search, thumbnails and data management
  • Data warehousing and analytics
  • Load-aware self-throttling detection systems
  • Remote MySQL databases
  • TAC search
  • Custom Schemas and legacy data import scripts
  • Automated Device Detection Testing
  • Data auditing and comparison
  • Custom data export from any part of our gigabytes of data
  • Email Testing URLs..
  • ... and more

Please do contact us and let us know about your requirements!

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DetectRight users say:

DetectRight has been a great advantage for our products. Its unparalleled accuracy gives our customers the best possible experience, and the best compatible content. Great support allowed a customized solution that met our needs exactly

- Alan L, Mansef
DetectRight Fact:

DetectRight servers have been responsible for over 100 billion detections since 2009!