Built for business: getting the basics right.

“Your device detection solution should be chosen carefully: it's in charge of all your mobile traffic!”

- Chris Abbott, CEO DetectRight

It's fundamental. You engage your customers, then you sell to them.

If they go to the wrong version of your site, they simply won't engage.

DetectRight ensures that more of your customers find the right channel than any other solution at any price. Tablet, Mobile, Desktop, TV... it's all covered.

More to browse, more to buy

And once they're browsing, DetectRight gives you the capabilities you need to offer them more, serve them better, and even offer a wider range of content.

We can't design your mobile website for you, but we give you the tools to make it best-of-breed.

Your business is too important to take your device detection for granted.

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DetectRight has been a great advantage for our products. Its unparalleled accuracy gives our customers the best possible experience, and the best compatible content. Great support allowed a customized solution that met our needs exactly

- Alan L, Mansef
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DetectRight servers have been responsible for over 100 billion detections since 2009!