Are mobile website errors holding back your business?

Standard device detection can yield four types of problem.

Poor detection means users are coming up against error messages, unusable pages and blocked content.  Below, we outline the four ways in which mobile devices are being thwarted by poor device detection. We also explain how DetectRight's revolutionary new approach makes all of these problems a thing of the past.



Poor Layout

PROBLEM: Poor device detection means the wrong version of pages often appears on a device - resulting in unusable navigation bars, buttons that are too small to click, tiny images and an ugly, unprofessional look and feel.

RESULT: Customers find your site difficult or even impossible to use. Your brand comes across as incompetent and unprofessional.

SOLUTION: DetectRight's unique Tenacious Profile Detection ensures the correct version of a site nearly always shows.


Re-direction Failures

PROBLEM: Poor detection means customers are re-directed to the wrong page, or not re-directed at all. Often, mobile users have to struggle with a huge non-mobile version of your site. And vice-versa.

RESULT: Error messages. Blocked functionality. Inappropriate content. Leading to frustrated customers.

SOLUTION: DetectRight correctly detects devices 99%+ of the time, so customers are re-directed to the right page with the right content for their device.


False Access Blocks

PROBLEM: You've created content and tailored the functionality of your site for multiple devices. But poor detection means customers are told they can't access a page or do what they want because their phone can't handle it. Even though it can.

RESULTS: Customers can't download, view or do what they want on your site - decreasing sales and loyalty.

SOLUTION: DetectRight have 20 times more up-to-date data than the competition - which means we don't tell customers their phone can't handle something when it actually can.


Failure to Tailor Content

PROBLEM: Tailoring content and advertising to different types of device, based on its capabilities and the profile of its users can significantly increase sales. Poor device detection means this golden opportunity to get ahead of the competition is wasted.

RESULTS: A one-size-fits-all experience means sales are not optimised.

SOLUTION: DetectRight's unique system of Tenacious Profile Detection allows you to tailor content and advertising far more reliably.


Find out more about our superior device detection rates. Or about our flexible range of products and pricing.

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