There's more to DetectRight than Site Switching

Here are four examples of how businesses benefit from DetectRight's facilities

DetectRight's framework offers hundreds of different functions not offered anywhere else, which can be used in any combination.



Content Serving

PROBLEM: You have sophisticated media that would would like to serve or sell. You want to serve correctly even to brand-new Day One devices.

SOLUTION: While many other systems might routinely say "NO" to the newest Android phones simply because they're not in the database, DetectRight provides more valid "Yes" answers, and can include fields such as "3D", "FLAC", "XviD" or Dolby DigitalTM.


Mobile Ad serving and Analytics

PROBLEM: Mobile analytics and ad services are only as good as the engine they're based on. Any ad network might have problems serving the latest devices (so the newest handset customers get no ads), or serve the wrong size ad: making the brand look small. Is valuable new traffic being quietly ignored or dumped into "generic categories" because they're not in the database?

SOLUTION: DetectRight is able to classify devices that it hasn't even seen before. That means that instead of up to 40% fake generics, you get proper data for decision making. We also detect operating system versions correctly, and adjust the profile to match.


Live Device Profiling

PROBLEM: Many companies are committed to providing support for specific devices or platforms. Often, they will get pre-release devices and there will be no documentation online.

SOLUTION: DetectRight offers a "Live Profile" service which allows you to visit a customised URL and have a comprehensive profile and full headers sent to an email or collection of emails. It analyses the full headers, and any UAProfiles and accept strings, processing them in real-time.


Integrating with legacy systems

PROBLEM: Quite often a company is committed to an in-house solution or database, and yet is pouring valuable resources into supporting it, gathering data, and more.

SOLUTION: DetectRight is the only friendly source of bulk data and backup detection systems that can work with the data in your legacy system, integrating with its catalogue, providing useragents, allowing quick lookup of failures through a local web service, or simply ingesting data into a database. For more details, check out our bulk data offerings.


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