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Q: How is the DetectRight Detection API Licenced?

We have a number of different options available: for instance, per-server licencing, per-client licencing (for Ad Networks), site licences, analytic use licences, and OEM licences.

Q: Can I use DetectRight in an SaaS setup (As a local web service)?

We can set you up with whatever you want, including sufficient rights to run a standalone DetectRight server in your LAN (or even at your cloud provider) to serve your web applications and to load-balance if necessary. Our licence would include development and staging server rights.

Q: Can I resell DetectRight?

We're open to revenue-share, white label, OEM and resell business models, which we would negotiate on a case-by-case basis, since they would include custom code, facilities and customisation.

Q: You said that you include source code: are you open source?

Our standalone detection code is proprietary, but we do allow access to the source code (and modification rights) on a case-by-case basis

Q: You do you compare with DeviceAtlas and WURFL?

Much more choice of datapoints. A richer API including cookie-less unique ID generation, catalogue management, and proper exposed objects for Entities, Aliases, Component/contains relationships, and much more. Much more sophisticated detection.


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DetectRight servers have been responsible for over 100 billion detections since 2009!