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There are three methods of accessing our device detection services:

Standalone Detection

Plugs in to your web development environment and is directly used by your web application.


  • Your web page delivered faster.
  • Enhanced API functionality.


  • Updated databases must be downloaded to replace the old ones.
  • Requires correct versions of Java, PHP or .NET installed on your server.


Cloud Detection

Using just five (or less) lines of code, your web application contacts our cloud for a profile when it needs to.


  • Even easier to deploy than standalone: just a few lines of code.
  • No worries about updates.


  • Dependency on the Internet to deliver data before your page can be delivered.
  • Possible firewall or security issues accessing third party web services from your server.


Local Cloud Detection (Enterprise Licence Only)

Similar to Cloud Detection, but the profile comes from a server on your network.


  • Adds Enterprise level detection to your framework without having to deploy on each web server.
  • No worries about updates.
  • Custom development, load balancing and analytics available.
  • Can target different database engines.
  • One server can serve many different clients: e.g. PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl.
  • More...


  • Load balancing recommended on multiple servers to avoid single point of failure.
  • Putting the traffic of many servers through one central detection services means very intelligent cacheing is needed.
  • Requires an extra server (not supplied).

We have various clients using this setup. It usually involves managed service and installation, bespoke development and custom scripts and databases.


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