DetectRight Data Status

Here's the tale of the tape for DetectRight: all figures LIVE.

Data options
W3C Core Vocab
DR Lite Schema
WURFL Schema
W3C Plus (DeviceAtlas compatible)
DR Comprehensive


Mobile UserAgents 1336108
Non-Mobile UserAgents 3084211
UAProfiles 14386
TACs 4111


Entities and Devices
Application105 entities
Array7 entities
Barcode Reader8 entities
Bot713 entities
Browser146 entities
BTH338 entities
Camera16 entities
Car Kit16 entities
Chipset969 entities
CPU1946 entities
Desktop15 entities
Desktop PC39 entities
Developer Platform148 entities
Device57302 entities
e-Reader78 entities
Emulator10 entities
eReader7 entities
Family4922 entities
Games Console27 entities
Generic Platform53 entities
Google TV Box159 entities
GPS213 entities
GPU315 entities
Group5086 entities
Handheld Console31 entities
Hardware Platform1478 entities
Laptop206 entities
Markup Platform154 entities
Media Box8 entities
Media Player47 entities
Mini PC44 entities
Mobile App12 entities
Mobile Application14 entities
Mobile Bot16 entities
Mobile Browser191 entities
Mobile Emulator57 entities
Modem10 entities
Motherboard11 entities
Netbook87 entities
NetTop17 entities
Notebook99 entities
OS613 entities
Other14 entities
Palmtop10 entities
PDA134 entities
PMP133 entities
ProgLang18 entities
Proxy31 entities
Rendering Engine6 entities
RSS19 entities
Satnav36 entities
SDK6 entities
Smart TV269 entities
Smart TV Box9 entities
STB32 entities
Stylus6 entities
Subnotebook8 entities
Tablet15621 entities
TV30 entities
TV Box155 entities
TV Stick38 entities
Wrist watch29 entities
Wristwatch137 entities
chipset542 entities
Device58 entities
Group500 entities
OS7 entities
Slate53 entities
Smart TV82 entities
STB6 entities
Tablet11 entities
Chipset12 entities
CPU6 entities
Google TV Box11 entities
Mobile App6 entities
Smart TV6 entities
Deep Query
Device7651 entities
Smartwatch8 entities
Tablet287 entities
TV7 entities
TV Box14 entities
VCR7 entities


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