DetectRight Premium Data Services

DetectRight can provide compatible data to upgrade your current systems, to enable new products, or to improve analytics or reporting.

Some examples of options for bulk-download licencees:

  • Bulk XML Device Data Download - all our device data in a tidy XML with extras.
  • User Agent Download - new input for your own detection engine. Each one comes pre-detected, which means you get additional data to augment your testing: this is much more valuable than raw useragents you validate merely by eye.
  • Custom data files accessing any and all of Detectright's data in whatever format you need

Optionally TAC data can be included in any download data

Neat and tidy.

Our data contains clean manufacturer/model lists and many alternative/marketing/search names: we care about our consistency.

All of our data is keyed by manufacturer and model, and can always be linked back to the main DetectRight database, or API output. DetectRight also presents other component data such as included OS, Browser, Developer Platform, Chipset and more.

We are always willing to talk with you about OEM licencing with a number of possible business models.


We can help audit your existing data, or integrate DetectRight's: using our technology to slash your costs.

Example Use Cases

  • Augmenting and upgrading existing device detection systems.
  • Auditing existing data.
  • Bundling with white label products for resale as a value-add
  • Using as a basis for offline research and product planning.

In common with most DetectRight device data, quantity of data varies between devices and entities, and no warranty is given over correctness of datapoints.

Contact us with your requirements, we'd like to help.

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DetectRight users say:

DetectRight has been a great advantage for our products. Its unparalleled accuracy gives our customers the best possible experience, and the best compatible content. Great support allowed a customized solution that met our needs exactly

- Alan L, Mansef
DetectRight Fact:

DetectRight servers have been responsible for over 100 billion detections since 2009!