A revolutionary new way to detect mobile devices

“Our 800 in-depth checks makes all the difference!”

- Chris Abbott, CEO DetectRight

Our system of Tenacious Profile Detection runs rings around the standard ‘SimpleMatch Detection’

Many technology shifts are ushered in a by a ‘great leap forward’. And the innovation that is ‘Device Detection 2.0' is no exception’.

Whereas detection once meant a cursory check against a thin and incomplete set of device data, DetectRight’s new system of Tenacious Profile Detection involves over 800 checks of each device encountered, and combining the resulting information with data from our massive device database.

DetectRight vs the competition:

(in-depth view here)


SimpleMatch Detection
Tenacious Profile Detection
Up to 50 simple checks on device Over 800 in-depth checks on device
Small device database Huge device database
Profile ONLY from database. Data out of date. Profile from database AND device checks. Data 'fresher' and more relevant.
High error rate Low error rate


“20 times as much in-depth information on devices than our competitors.”

- Chris Abbott, CEO DetectRight

Everything about DetectRight’s Device Detection 2.0 is bigger, better, and smarter

  • Smart and proactive device acquisition: we don't wait for devices to come to us
  • Results in 4 times as many devices in our database.
  • And 20 times as much information on every device.
  • Over 100 devices added every month.
  • 800 in-depth checks performed.
  • 99%+ detection rate.
  • Superior profiling - up to 10 times less errors than the competition on most datapoints.
  • Superior data choice - don't let someone else dictate what information you should have!

The competition just can’t keep up

With the number of mobile devices mushrooming, the detection success rates of those still using SimpleMatch Detection is low and falling.

See the difference straight away!

Register for free, Download DetectRight now, download the initial datafile and you're set!

Get started for free!

Evaluation licences are free: take as long as you need to put it through its paces.

Lots of data options to choose from

From W3C Core to WURFL to W3C+ (DeviceAtlas compatible) to custom datapoints, we've got it.

Monthly/weekly updates with all licences

All licences have monthly or better update privileges.

Set up is easy

DetectRight is engineered for maximum ease of installation to fit right into your project.

Open and customisable!

Extended or custom licences allow you to modify DetectRight by giving access to its source code.

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Why Choose DetectRight?
DetectRight users say:

DetectRight has been a great advantage for our products. Its unparalleled accuracy gives our customers the best possible experience, and the best compatible content. Great support allowed a customized solution that met our needs exactly

- Alan L, Mansef
DetectRight Fact:

DetectRight servers have been responsible for over 100 billion detections since 2009!