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Our Mission

  • To improve the mobile ecosystem by setting new standards in accuracy, width and breadth in mobile data and device detection.
  • To improve our clients' bottom lines by providing the best technology, data and expertise in whatever combination is necessary.
  • To improve the mobile web by helping to bring transparency, openness, choice and accountability to our ecosystem.
  • To use all of our ingenuity and technology to add value to our client's services.
  • To listen and learn from our clients.
  • To treat our clients as colleagues, no matter what their size.
  • To treat developing markets and their handsets with the respect and attention they deserve.


Company Profile


DetectRight was launched in 2006 by Njal Hansen Wilberg (CEO) and Chris Abbott (CTO) in Bergen, Norway, (as Mobile Phone Wizards AS).

Currently we are a privately held company registered in England.

Our first product, DetectRight, started as the first cloud detection service.

The system was presented at a W3C "Device Description Working Group" meeting in Madrid in 2006 where it was well received.

During this time we worked with, amongst others, Bank of America, Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens and provided continuous and reliable service.

All the while, development and improvements on DetectRight continued, and first adding a search engine and extensive device catalogue and thumbnail capabilities, then adding support for multiple vocabs.

In 2010, we moved to the UK with Chris Abbott as CEO, and finally realised our next step: ultimate accuracy, ultimate detection and ultimate compatibility: a vision to bring best-of-breed excellence to device detection, and choice to a marketplace renowned for lack of options.

During this time, work started on the Quantum Data Engine and the supporting infrastructure to allow the vast DetectRight data and API to be condensed to a focussed core detection and catalogue management infrastructure. In conjunction with Amdocs and Speedy Mobile, the Java version was created, tested and enhanced, before being deployed in one of the biggest mobile platforms in Latin America.

The realisation of this technology, and forthcoming adaptations, vastly increased the range of technologies and options that could be supported.

Through all this groundbreaking R&D, we provided business, technical consistency and support to all of our clients. We have prided ourselves on our support and personal service: we simply become a reliable and expert part of our clients' teams.


Team Profile


Chris Abbott (CEO)

LinkedIn Profile

Chris Abbott, DetectRight CEO is the primary developer and visionary behind DetectRight. He is a BSc in Psychology and Statistics from the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

His computer programming experience started with the Commodore Pet and Acorn Atom, and he has been exploring technology ever since. As part of the 80s computer generation, it was natural to learn computing by programming. It was a passion which led into a widely varied career in computers from system building to Engineering database design to Statistics.

Chris has a talent for making different systems talk compatible languages: for instance, he was the only person ever to reverse engineer AOL's walled-garden so that advertising could be independently spidered and audited.

Chris combines visionary problem-solving skills with enthusiasm, a drive to improve, attention-to-detail, and an ability to see beyond the technology to its wider benefits.


Chris Day (Chief Commercial Officer)

LinkedIn Profile

Chris Day, our CCO, is a Business Intelligence and Big Data management specialist, unique because he's part-geek, part-guru. He drills down into the detail as well looking at the big picture. He's been doing it for as long as he can remember and is privileged to have a window on more industries than he can count.


Anton Vdovitchenko (CIS Region Representative)

LinkedIn Profile

Anton is a mobile industry veteran, most notably head of technology at Playfon, the largest Russian mobile content site.

He brings enthusiasm and ideas to the team, and is in charge of our operation in the Russian Federation.


David Masters (Quality Assurance Manager)

David has spent many years of his life researching phone capabilites and updating the DetectRight database with indefatigable surgeon-like precision.

His qualifications and background in marketing, business and communication make him uniquely suited for his position as detail expert.

If Chris Abbott leaves a stone unturned, you can bet Dave will turn it!


Aliz Hammond (Build Quality Manager and .NET Developer)

Aliz's wide experience with to-the-metal programming and a commitment to code quality and organisation has been an ideal fit into the DetectRight family, and he worked on the C# build of DetectRight.

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DetectRight users say:

DetectRight has been a great advantage for our products. Its unparalleled accuracy gives our customers the best possible experience, and the best compatible content. Great support allowed a customized solution that met our needs exactly

- Alan L, Mansef
DetectRight Fact:

DetectRight servers have been responsible for over 100 billion detections since 2009!